Natrol, Biotin, Natural Strawberry Flavor, 10,000 Mcg, 60 Tablets

AED 6.00 / month for 10 months

10 monthly payments of AED 6. Total Purchase Price AED 60 to be paid over 10 instalments. All prices exclude tax.

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  • Ten payments in total.
  • First payment today.
  • Nine remaining payments over the next nine months.
  • Delivery within 10 business days.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Price does not include any import duties or tax payable in the country of the buyer.
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About this item

  • Works well for all hair types
  • Increase Energy: Biotin, a B vitamin also known as vitamin H or B7 helps support the metabolism and assists in the conversion of food into energy
  • Advanced Formulation: Natrol’s unique fast dissolve tablet enables faster absorption and can be taken anytime, anywhere; no water needed
  • Great Taste: The beauty supplements great tasting strawberry flavor is vegetarian and is fast-acting and perfect for those that have a hard time with swallowing vitamins

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60 Tablets


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