Wtrtr Egg Boiler,Multifunctional electric steamer,Egg Steamer Maker, Egg Cooker,Food Steamer

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✅Brand: Wtrtr

✅Beware that the motor is not dishwasher safe. Since food cooks faster in the bottom bowl, always place food with longer steaming times on first, closer to the base

✅MULTIFUNCTION The electric food steamer is able not only to cook vegetables or meat for a couple.You can preheat an already prepared dish or sterilize it. These electric steamers for cooking are excellent in coping with the functions of a standard microwave oven.

✅By steam-cooking, the vegetables are kept as close to their natural raw state as possible, whileheating through thoroughly. This not only prevents the vegetables from turning mushy but it also allows them to retain their original color, taste, juices and freshness

✅ PROVIDES SAFETY The food steamers are protected from overheating. It also automatically turns off when all the water is evaporated from a special vessel. If you forget about the device or are very busy with work, then the food will not go bad. The main thing is to pour enough water. This will prevent accidental activation of the;vegetables;steamer without water.

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