Geepas Arabic Bread Maker, 30cm Non-Stick Baking Plate

AED 27.00 / month for 10 months

10 monthly payments of AED 27. Total Purchase Price AED 270 to be paid over 10 instalments. All prices exclude tax.

Dirhami Easy Payment Plan:

  • Ten payments in total.
  • First payment today.
  • Nine remaining payments over the next nine months.
  • Delivery within 10 business days.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Price does not include any import duties or tax payable in the country of the buyer.
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Because you can make sweet or savory roti’s, they’re loved by nearly everyone so this is one appliance that will be getting plenty of use. Beautifully designed for a single-minded purpose roti will be more perfect than ones made in a frying pan. A roti maker will bring a smile to everyone’s face – it’s perfect for making breakfast pancakes, dinner party desserts or delicious savory snacks, any time, any day. With this high-quality Roti Maker by Geepas, you can now easily create genuine Roti. This handy kitchen gadget produces the suitable of heat that’s crucial to make the perfect texture of a real Roti–slightly crispy on the outside, and has that stretch and chew that you crave for in your carbs to accompany savory, spice-rich dishes. With the non-stick cooking plate which is a standard feature for Geepas roti maker kitchen tools, you can prevent your roti, tortillas and other specialties from sticking or snapping into pieces. This makes cooking such a breeze! This Roti Maker is very versatile! Explore other recipes like tortillas, flatbread, naan–the options are truly endless! With a 30-inch flat cooking surface, you have much more space to work on your delicious wraps. The Geepas roti Maker, with its easy to operate heating system and non-stick 30cm plate, is easy to master and helps you to create roti’s that are ready to top and eat. Top with fruit and yogurt at breakfast time, with cheese and ham for a lunchtime snack, or bring it out at a dinner party and personalize your crepes to the taste of your individual guests. Making generously sized rotes for any occasion. The Geepas roti maker also has a lip around the edge to stop batter dripping onto your worktop. Get the heat just right to avoid burned or raw bits. Because the plate is the same temperature all over, Rotes are cooked more evenly than in a frying pan.

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