Azzaro Pour Homme – 100 ml – EDT Spray

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  • Launched by the design house of Azzaro
  • This fine fragrance has a blend of lavender, sage, basil, cedar, musk, and leather
  • Perfect for gift giving on any occasion

Azzaro Pour Homme

Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

Shaped by elegance and refinement, Azzaro Pour Homme is a distinguished fragrance with a fresh and powerful trail. It blends natural sensuality with instinctive elegance. Azzaro Pour Homme offers timeless seductive charisma


Loris Azzaro’s couture collections were characterized by a timeless seductiveness, which, naturally enough, would go on to inspire his first men’s fragrance. The inventor of ultra-femininity wanted to create the “weapon of seduction,” that he considered indispensable. In 1978, the iconic men’s fragrance of seduction was born.


The instinctive elegance and natural sensuality of Azzaro Pour Homme’s fragrance trail sparks attraction. The solar and distinguished Eau de Toilette exudes freshness, power, refinement and sensuality in the moment.

With its iconic “fougère aromatic woody” signature, Azzaro Pour Homme follows the great tradition of perfumery thanks to a rigorously selected fragrance composition rich in more than 320 ingredients, with those of natural origin representing over half of the formula.

Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for menAzzaro Pour Homme - perfume for menAzzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for menAzzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for menAzzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for menAzzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

This ingredient creates a warm-cold contrast in addition to depth, texture and solarity. Star anise is the dried fruit of the badian, which is harvested in China, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. More than 25 kilos of dried star anise are required to produced one kilo of essential oil through distillation. It is a precious extract with very sweet, refreshing and spicy licorice notes.

This invigorating, elegant flower radiates a tactile, highly seductive aroma. In Drôme Provençale, around a hundred producers harvest lavender. They then dry it and extract its essence through rapid distillation: 200 kilos of flowers are required to produce one kilo of oil. Soft, floral and slightly fruity, lavender has a rounded aroma of amber with a hint of coumarin.

At once dry and moist, fresh and warm, woody and intense, this root exudes unique sensuality. Vetiver is grown in Java, Madagascar and Brazil (among others), yet Haiti’s production is preferred by perfumers for its fragrant quality. One kilo of essential oil requires 200 kilos of uprooted, dried and cleaned raw material. The results: An extract with characteristic dry woody notes with earthy, smoky and nutty tones.


Azzaro Pour Homme - perfume for men

Now refillable, the Azzaro Pour Homme octagonal pure glass bottle asserts its masculinity all the way down to its perfectly visible printed signature. Cloaked in sensual amber, it evokes the warm intensity of the Eau de Toilette from the very first glance. Harmony, elegance and understatement epitomize this men’s fragrance offering eternal seduction.

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