Bergner Munchen Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 26cm/12L, Induction Bottom, Silver

AED 59.00 / month for 10 months

10 monthly payments of AED 59. Total Purchase Price AED 590 to be paid over 10 instalments. All prices exclude tax

Save time and energy: compared with traditional cooking methods,pressure cooker can save up to 70% time by trapping steam inside;less cooking time means less energy consumption.. Easy use but delicious meals : put ingredients you need into it ,let it work,then waiting for a fast ,delicious and healthy dish for pressure cooker maintains original flavor of food and preserves much vitamins and nutrients.. Failsafe mechanism: mechanical lock prevents the lid being opened accidentally when the contents are under pressure, an automatic safety valve releases excess pressure;besides two sides handles protect you from heat when lifting it.. Suitable and durable in any kitchen: the pressure cooker is compatible with any cooktop including induction.stainless steel material not only prolong its service time but also make it easy to wash. 6 security systems: the bergner munchen pot has 3 safety mechanisms rotating valve, depressing valve and safety closing bar. Our progressive locking system uses a rotating knob that guarantees safe handling.

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