Smeg Ecf01Bluk Espressco Coffee Machine, Black”Min 1 year manufacturer warranty”

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Enjoy a great tasting espresso and get the barista style experience with this espresso machine. The stainless steel construction is complimented by a 1950s inspired design, adding a piece of history to your kitchen. This espresso machine features a measurer and 15 bar professional pressers to provide accuracy during the brewing process to get the drink you want.

It includes a Thermoblock heating system that rapidly boils so you can get a drink in a matter of minutes. The flow stop function lets you customise coffee length for a perfect drink. If you don’t feel like espresso then the cappuccino system will be just what you need to add variety to your coffee drinks.

There are 3 different options available: 1 cup, 2 cups or steam, all at the touch of a button. It’s also easy to maintain thanks to the descaling light and water level indicator. The easily removable 1L water tank includes an optional water filter so your coffee tastes that much better.

  • 1350W metal and stainless steel coffee maker
  • Chrome plated base
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • 15 bar professional pressure
  • 1L removable water tank with optional water filter
  • Adjustable Cappuccino system / Mug tray
  • On/off button with automatic stand-by

The Perfect Espresso

This espresso machine has been built with enough features to provide you with a barista style experience in the comfort of your home. The measurer and 15 bar professional pressers provide more accurate brewing for a great tasting result; while the flow stop function lets you take control of coffee length. There are 3 options – 1 cup, 2 cups or steam – available at the touch of a button.

Adjustable Cappuccino System

If you feel like having something other than espresso then the included cappuccino system will give you the option to make a delicious cup of cappuccino without hassle. The Thermoblock heating system rapidly heats up your machine so you can get your drink in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Maintain

It features an anti-drip system to prevent spillages, water level and descaling light indicator so you can easily monitor the condition of the espresso machine.

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