PHILIPS Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Glass Jug, Grind and Brew System, HD7762, Black/Silver – International Version

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From the manufacturer

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Product features

Integrated Bean Grinder


Aroma twister

Integrated bean grinder for freshly ground coffee.

To have the delicious taste of freshly ground coffee, fresh coffee beans are grinded before brewing. This coffee maker has conical burr grinders to have the optimal grind size, which ensures the best taste.

You can also use ground coffee instead of coffee beans. The grind-off function disables the grinder and you can simply fill ground coffee into the filter.

Fresh bean duo-container with aroma seal

With the duo-container you can store two types of coffee beans. Select which type of bean you want to use for brewing. You can choose between the two types of coffee beans, or create your own blend, by selecting both.

Aroma seal to keep your beans fresh in the container.

Aroma twister circulates the coffee for an optimal taste

This smart nozzle inside the jug circulates the inflowing coffee evenly through the jug for an optimal and consistent aroma, from the first to the last cup.

Coffee Settings

Strength Select

Drip Stop

Select easily the coffee settings with the LCD display or the grind selector knob

Personalize the coffee taste, by choosing between 9 grind size options. Select a fine grind for a stronger coffee taste or coarse grind for a lighter, smooth filter coffee.

Strength select for adjusting the intensity of your coffee

Adjust the intensity of your coffee from mild, medium or intense coffee.

Drip stop to pour a cup of coffee whenever you like

The drip stop allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the full brewing cycle is finished.


Water level indicator


Adjustable keep-warm time from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Select how long you want your coffee to stay hot after brewing. You can adjust the automatic shut-off time from 10 minutes up to 2 hours.

Water level indication for easy filling

Fill the water tank easily and precisely with the water level indication.

Timer to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee

Wake up with the smell of fresh coffee thanks to the timer. Prepare your coffee maker, set the time, and a fresh jug of coffee is brewed at the time you desire.

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