LG LHD657 DVD Home Theater System

AED 669.00 or AED 89.00 / month for 10 months

One payment of AED 669 or 10 monthly payments of AED 89.

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Convert your living room, entertainment center, bedrooms, etc. into a movie theater with the LG LHD655-FB 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System. This home theater system’s brilliant Bass Blast produces powerful bass via a specially tuned sound matrix. The system features four powerful stand up speakers that enhance audio produced by your TV and media players, creating a theater like experience right in your homes. The home theater system comes with 1000W 5.1 channel speaker and dual sub woofer that produce crystal clear audio output. The player is compatible with DVDs and CDs as well. The player scales DVD discs to up to 1080p. The home theater system has a USB port to which you can connect your pen drives, external HDDs, smartphones, tablets, and more. It also features a built in Karaoke function for your entertainment. Key Features KARAOKE FUNCTION 1000 W DVD AND CD PLAYBACK USB VIDEO FILE PLAYBACK Bass Blast The LG LHD655-FB 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System’s Bass Blast produces deep bass sound quality that is dynamic. The system does so through a sound matrix that is specially tuned. High Quality Sub Woofers The LG LHD655-FB 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System comes with four 5.1 channel speakers that provide crystal clear audio output. The system also comes with two subwoofers. Together, they enhance the low audio output of your connected devices and convert the room into a theater. This home theater system also scales your DVD discs up to 1080p, enabling you to revel in Full HD experience. Make Your Weekends Exciting The LG LHD655-FB 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System incorporates a karaoke feature that lets you sing along with your favorite songs. So invite your friends over a weekend and enjoy a fun session of karaoke.

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Weight 22.68 kg
Dimensions 35.000019 × 21.000011 × 17.000009 in



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